william & mary 26, uva 14

“Look, I’m not stuck for answers,” Groh said. “I’m sure you all are stuck for questions. What more questions need to be asked after you turn the ball over [seven] times. That’s pretty much the question. After that, there’s not any coaching questions or any answers that are necessary.”

"watch me put down some numbers"

"watch me put down some numbers"

I didn’t go to the game, so I really can’t say much. Most of the people I asked, who went, preferred not to elaborate on the loss. Perhaps one of my switch.colleagues will have some analysis on the game. The Washington Post wrote up about the game here. If you went to the game, what went wrong (outside of the turnovers) and where do you think we can go from here? Let the cracking begin.

Also, if you are interested in being a switch.correspondent for football games, shoot us an email: switchuva@gmail.com

photo courtesy: Washington Post

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