trey songz: "ready"


Musically, this is going to be an R&B week for me. I’ve been listening to Trey Songz all day. I loved his mixtape, aptly titled “Anticipation”, which he released to satiate fans until the album finally dropped today. I’ve been listening to his new album “Ready”, and guys, this is the real deal right here. It has its bumps, but its the best record he’s had thus far.

As with hip-hop, we can argue about the state of R&B all day (esp. with Songz himself having a few things to say about R. Kelly).  However, when it comes to baby making music, THIS IS THE ALBUM! And no one else is really unashamedly making this specific kind (baby making) of R&B right now.  The Dream doesn’t do it for me in this arena. With “Ready”, every song just puts you in the mood, so listen to it with discretion.

Stellar tracks are “Yo side of the Bed”; “Neighbors know my name” (?!!!?) and “Black Roses”. I’m not sure where “LOL:-)” with Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy fits into the chemistry of the album, and in my opinion it should not have made it. Some songs from “Anticipation” should have def. been included. Go pick it up. Songz is definitely under-rated and perhaps all the collaborations that he’s been doing will earn him more recognition if not already more airplay.

*I have to add this: This man is just a fine specimen. God is good, and sometimes he just sends women some eye-candy that suddenly clears up that astigmatism. I know he does some freaky ish with choking and stuff, but I’m just saying, visually, he is def. eye candy. Y’all have Amber Rose, let me enjoy this one. YUUUP!

Now, I’m off to listen to Whitney’s new album,

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  1. Rev.R says:

    LMAO P. We’ll let you have your eye candy with Trey Songz…and if you were listening to this all day maybe that explains why you were distracted sitting down this morning, lol!

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