HooVille Spotlight: Events of the Week (Part 1)

I got a lot of events invites on Facebook last night…it was a bit overwhelming because they literally came within 5 minutes of each other but there are definitely some worth checking out if you have the time for it. Check the schedule after the jump.


Global Development Organization interest meeting @ 7pm in the Jefferson Society Hall. Now the location might throw you off but the Jefferson Society Hall is on the West Range…right across from the Bus Stop by Alderman Library, Newcomb, & the Special Collections Library. I’m not too aware on what GDO does but I’ve got a few friends who are in the organization and they always speak highly of it…so if you are interested in trying to find and create solutions on development in other countries this is the place to do it. On the itinerary for their meeting tonight is an overview of plans for the semester and a dinner after the meeting!

Mahogany Dance Troupe & The Breakdance Club is doing a Dorm Tour first outside at the Old Dorms Quad (8pm) and them outside of Cauthen (8:30pm). Step It Up (SIU) will be on hand to give out some info on their organization as well. This is definitely worth checking out as you’ll get to see 3 great dance crews throw down…it’ll definitely be a nice sample of what is to come in their shows later on this semester.

BEATS (Black Expression Awareness & Thought Society) is also having an interest meeting tonight @ 9:30pm in Clark 156. BEATS is an organization that brings together people interested in event management and planning, the performing arts (in any shape or form) to put on functions where UVa students and other artists (artists in the broad sense of the word) perform and display their work.

PRIDE Fall 2009 Fashion Show Tryouts, Monday, August 31 7 PM @ Slaughter Recreation Center MP #2 (behind O’Hill Dining Hall). Pride puts on the best fall fashion show at UVA and has been doing so for the past 3 years…and their haters are usually around trying to take notes on what the next hot thing is in UVA fashion shows. This actually the 2nd and FINAL DAY of their tryouts so if you want a chance to be a model this semester get it together tonight. They’ve got a few clothing requirements for those of you trying out so check the FB event for more details. Oh and since it is at a UVA gym you will need Student ID to get into the building.


Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity Fall 2009 Rush; interest meeting Tuesday, September 8th @ 5pm (Room 256, Robertson Hall). Alpha Kappa Psi is the world’s oldest and largest co-ed professional business fraternity. Their members go on to careers in investment banking, consulting, accounting, wealth management, marketing, law, and entrepreneurship. So pretty much if you are planning to go into business for your future career this is the place for you to start…they’ve got resources aplenty in the form of current brothers and UVA alumni.

(Note there are actually several interest meetings; September 9th at 6 PM & September 10th at 7 PM are the other dates.)

OAS (Organization of African Students) Meet & Greet, Tuesday, September 8th @ 7:30pm. OAS is going to be over in the Physics Building, Room 205 hosting an event with food and presenting their new exec board in addition to their plans for this semester. Just remember that for all organizations now is definitely the time to jump on board!

X-Tasee Interest Meeting/Auditions September 2nd 8:30-11:00 Student Activities Building (SAB), September 3rd 8:50-11:00pm Ohill Forum, September 4th 7:45-10:00pm Aquatic Fitness Center (AFC). Note to all interested this is a 3-day tryout series and you must attend all the days; One dance will be taught the 1st day, another dance will be taught the 2nd day and on the final day you will audition BOTH dances. Now quite frankly…X-Tasee is the best dance crew UVA has to offer, and they only take the best or those with the potential to be the best because with X-Tasee you have to kill it every, single, time. Go forth if you have what it takes.

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