Chris Brown says…"I don't remember doing that…"

Umm wow…so I was doing some more browsing today and found a video of Chris Brown’s interview on Larry King Live. I haven’t watched the video yet but word is that in the interview CB says that he does not remember beating Rihanna down…really though Chris, can you just  keep your mouth shut and take a stance of humility. Right now I can’t listen to this man’s music and believe that he represents anything he says about love, treating a woman right, etc…Chris needs to just do a gospel album right quick be an inspirational figure and speaker against domestic violence and then break out on the pop scene. Follow your predecessors in the R&B game who have had to try and bounce back from a big crisis…like R. Kelly.

Anyway you can watch the video here and if you get to it before I do, leave some comments here.

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3 Responses to Chris Brown says…"I don't remember doing that…"

  1. Sue says:

    you can tell he’s yet to obtain that level of maturity that real men have. some never do. seems like he might be one of those. this dude was facing jail time (as in, DeeBo cornering him in the cell while singing “Gimme That”) and he still doesn’t seem to realize the severity of his actions. and people wonder why black male celebrities are stereotyped.

  2. pr0go says:

    With those two corns on her head, it should have been Rihanna saying that she can’t remember the incident! Not Chris!!! I agree with Sue about the level of maturity. But you know I’ll be watching Larry King.

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