What's up with Timbaland and Hova?!

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The graph above explains the current status of Jay-Z tracks produced by Timbaland known by name as Off That, Reminder, & Venus vs. Mars against epic hits like D.O.A. & Run This Town. These beats are on par with what Timbaland has produced for Jay-Z in the past…but I don’t feel like Jay-Z is going hard enough. And moreover, I can’t knock Timbaland even after he came out and said

Of course I’m not going to give Jay my best material.

The music comes on my iTunes and my ears don’t pick-up anything interesting, incredibly lyrical or clever. My interest was piqued a bit when I heard Drake come in on “Off That” until I realized he was just a hook man the track…kinda like The Game on Kanye West’s “Crack Music” (on the Late Registration album). When I listen to “Reminder” I think okay this a typical Hov track telling cats to step off him and quit trying to challenge him…but he’s got a better song that he put out in 2005 called “Be Like Hov” (click the song title to hear it) and the track shut down anyone who dared step up to bat against Hov or ever thought about it.

I have no words about “Venus vs. Mars” except for the fact that with a song of such a title…it could have been an epic concept song. Venus was the name of the Roman Goddess of Love, and Mars was the Roman God of War…and they were lovers. Now if you aren’t familiar with Roman or Greek Mythology its always full of drama, twists, turns and revenge…look at these concepts I drew up and think that if Hov put some more thought an effort into this track how much better it could have been. Personally for this sort of thing I’d want a Pharrell or Kanye West beat…maybe even 9th Wonder because they’ve got the soul for that sort of thing. Timbaland is more about making uptempo club beats that, in my opinion, draw on techno and alternative while bordering on the sounds of an M.I.A. or Santigold.

My conclusion is this…I’m incredibly hopeful that the rest of the album which has been produced in large part by Kanye West and the rest by No.I.D. & The Neptunes is a lot better than these 3 leaked tracks. Personally I love the combination of Jay-Z and JustBlaze but I guess that magic didn’t come together on this album. Quite frankly though I’m sure Jay-Z has some tracks in reserve and I would like to see him make good on “Swagger Like Us Part 2.”

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