Drake, Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, Eminem… on the same track!

Just heard this new track today called “Forever”… Drake, Kanye, Weezy and Em are all on it, going extra hard.

Give it a listen here when you get a chance. HOT FIRE.


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5 Responses to Drake, Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, Eminem… on the same track!

  1. BTHOM says:

    heard this last night. HEAT.

  2. pr0go says:

    I concur. Eminem had the best verse. no doubt.

  3. Joshua Adams says:

    I never heard at song with that many people goin in that hard. everybody’s verse was so raw. but if this doesnt show niggas that em is and has been for a long time the best lyricist, i dont know who will. Niggas used to look at me crazy when i said that, but now its a different story. If you need anymore proof that em is the best lyrically, ( to me he’s the best wordsmith ever, but i know how yall east coast people stay on BIG and Jay) then listen to this Eminem song called “Infinite”

  4. Sue says:

    drake’s verse goes SUPER hard, kanye is reliable kanye, em’s verse is FIRE, lil’ wayne sucks on this song.

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