Artist Spotlight: Who is B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray?

Ladies & gentlemen...B.o.B aka Bobby Ray!

In my time off from blogging I took some time to listen to some music of one who AP would deem a “Cudi Buddies”… he is known as B.o.B. or Bobby Ray (real name Bobby Ray Simmons) from Decatur, Georgia. I have to admit that I’d seen Bobby Ray’s name and music appear on a lot of other blogs and even more surprising as a tag-line artist on “The Great Hangover Tour” with Kid Cudi (King of the Buddies) and Asher Roth. For some reason I kept pushing his music to the side…I think I might have been turned off by some of the featured artists on some of his songs but man I don’t know how I’ve gone without his music.

My conclusion now is quite simple, Bobby Ray is the next in line of a rare breed of Southern Rappers that has great lyricism, delivery,  and his beats are different but creative & musical. From what I gather Bobby Ray adopts two different personalities when he raps and sings with B.o.B being the rapper and Bobby Ray being the singer. He evn has a great concept style mixtape called B.o.B vs Bobby Ray which is a mix of his rapping and singing talents…both of which are AMAZING. Seriously, this man is a BEAST. Right about now if I had to compare Bobby Ray to an existing rapper…it would have to be Andre 3000 and OutKast but that’s vaguely in the style of his beats, flow and voice. Besides that Bobby Ray has a very distinct style that I think is different from anything hip hop has ever seen.

I’m not sure about everyone else but I’m not a big R&B guy but I listen to a few artists so I love this new movement of artists like Kid Cudi, Drake, & Bobby Ray who are talented rappers and singers…because the music they sing isn’t full fledged R&B but its not totally rap either, its a great new breed of hip hop that, in my opinion might be the next greatest thing for the genre since the golden era of hip hop when groups like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul combined great lyricism with sampling and jazz-infused beats.

If you’re interested in getting some of his mixtapes, he has them available for download on his Myspace page and on his official website.

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  1. Joshua Adams says:

    listen to “Grip Yo Body”

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