things going on today: Rotunda Sing, a forum for first year ladies

Rotunda Sing:

Time: 8-10pm; Location: Rotunda Steps/Lawn

Rotunda Sing is an evening featuring the great sounds of University of Virginia’s a cappella singing groups. Bring a blanket to sit on the lawn and enjoy the music and historic backdrop!

I haven’t been since my first year, and if my memory serves me right, there was only one group that was worth noticing… (we all know which one that was). If you don’t have anything to do, come out and support.


WHAT I WISH I KNEW: A forum of the first year ladies

Time: 7pm; Location: Tuttle Lounge

United Sisters and the AKA’s are sponsoring this great event for the first years. I wish I had something like this my first year. Many mistakes could have been avoided with a forum like this. I just hope they don’t sugarcoat anything. Actually I think I might show up, take a few pics and listen to the discussion. First years head out for this

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