Wise Words…from Lupe Fiasco

Okay this is another one of the videos I wanted to show everyone. This one is Lupe Fiasco addressing how he feels about the importance of lyrics…as though it needs to be said by him. Lupe is the MOST lyrically talented rapper in the game right now…his rhymes, lyrics, and metaphors are all so crazy and I honestly feel as though I pick out some new message or meaning from his lyrics every time I listen. In the video Lupe briefly touches on the importance of depth and positivity in music lyrics give an artist longevity and make them classics artists world wide a la Michael Jackson or U2. For me that comment is the base of most of my disregard and dislike for those I title “whack rappers” because although they are making money, their music will not last and really makes no true contribution to the history of the genre. I’m not knocking the hustle here…I’m just saying I want to see “whack rappers” step the hustle up and sell a product that will last and do some good. That’s my peace on the issue…check the video below.

Truth be told I might put up a few articles before the night is through.

-switch.FNF UP!

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  1. D. Hud says:

    This is exactly why Lupe is my favorite music artist out right now, in any genre.

    “We are not losers, we are lasers!”

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