Soo Woop! Wait…

Oops. My bad. I just thought that if Lil’ Wayne could fake it and pretend to be a Blood, so could I.

It’s just funny to me that, as much as he reps the Bloods, I remember him decked out in blue all the time, back in the day with the Hot Boys. You can even see it on the cover of his debut album, Tha Block Is Hot, where he’s clearly sporting a blue bandana:

Tha Block Is Hot

Tha Block Is Hot

I’m not saying that Bloods never wear blue, but still.

Look, let me be clear. I don’t advocate gangbanging or anything gang-related whatsoever. But it just doesn’t seem right to me to associate so strongly with a gang if you’re not really a part of it.

Sure, I can’t say for certain that he’s not a Blood. But here’s my thing. If you walk like a duck, talk like a duck, but I saw you acting like a crock of sh** crocodile 10 years ago, then it’s gonna be hard for me to trust anything you say.

Is this a big deal, though? Or am I just blowing this way out of proportion? I mean, I still like his music (although not with a good conscience), but I just don’t like this part of his persona.

Any thoughts?


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