White Chicks 2: NO WORDS


Apparently, it’s going round that the Wayans Brothers will be making a WHITE CHICKS 2! Fail! What movie studio exec gave this the go-ahead? Somebody please tell me who and why because I am very perplexed! Confused! Discombobulated!!

 Aren’t studios supposed to be cutting away dead weight movies like this? So the Indie Film divisions of big studios go down but then this sh** is made? I don’t remember it doing well. Was it the dvd sales? Too many questions, and too many unsatisfactory answers! *blinks*

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3 Responses to White Chicks 2: NO WORDS

  1. Rev.R says:

    Dang P…why you hating on the Wayans Bros.? This was a hilarious movie! I’m kind of excited for a sequel.

  2. D. Hud says:

    I’m gonna agree with Rev.R… this sequel should be absolutely hilarious. I love pretty much everything that the Wayans Bros. have come out with, including the first “White Chicks,” so I’m expecting “White Chicks 2” to be off the chain!

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