Bow Wow's a Cash Money Millionaire…

Lil' Wayne & Bow Wow

Lil' Wayne & Bow Wow

So, um, yeah. Lil’ Wayne signed Bow Wow.

Last night, Bow Wow announced via his Twitter (@bowwow614) that he’s officially signed to Cash Money Records, as a part of Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment label.

I wasn’t too fond of Omarion signing with the label, but now Bow Wow? Am I the only one that thinks this is stupid? The last thing I actually liked from Bow Wow was his track, “Fresh Azimiz,” and that was in 2005. And I didn’t really even like it THAT much, but it was kinda catchy so I put up with it. Since then, 99.36% of what he’s put out has been absolute garbage.

Ugh… I’m disappointed.


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3 Responses to Bow Wow's a Cash Money Millionaire…

  1. pr0go says:

    I guess Drake’s signing can cancel out any nonsensical signings like Bow Wow and Omarion. So in terms of likely revenue Omarion + Bow Wow = Drake + some. And you know those lil kiddies will be hitting up their tours when they all tour together. Tour money is where its at…

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