Affion Crockett…Best I Ever Had Spoof

Does anyone remember Nick Cannon’s Wild-N-Out show on MTV? Remember Affion Crockett? He did some of the best celebrity impressions on the show and they were hilarious. Personally I thought he should have his own show or get on his own comedy tour because the man is hilarious. Anyways the video speaks for itself…Affion does a crazy spoof of the Drake song/video “Best I Ever Had.” You a f—– mess, you a f—– mess, the mess is on your @$$!!!

P.S. I’d rate this PG-13, if only for the excessive stains…you’ll see what I mean.

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One Response to Affion Crockett…Best I Ever Had Spoof

  1. D. Hud says:

    U = Mess = doo doo! LMAO

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