PETA, Michael Vick, and Nia Long

Anybody following my Facebook and/or Twitter knows that I’ve been talking all day about how much I don’t like PETA.

My bad. I really just can’t stand them.

Anyway, I thought it was fascinating that in all the pictures I’ve seen of PETA picketing and protesting the whole Michael Vick/Philadelphia Eagles situation, I still have yet to see a single black person. (For example, look at these pictures.) Just an observation.

Maybe I’m drawing a conclusion too quickly. I will admit, though, as much as I don’t like PETA, I am in love with Nia Long’s new ad for the group.

See the ad after the jump…

Nia Long / PETA

…mmm mmm good.


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3 Responses to PETA, Michael Vick, and Nia Long

  1. I would rather see her naked than in a fur coat myself, LOL.

    PETA has killed more dogs than Vick has….according to their own public records.

    Check-out my blog about Bob Barker and the Blowhards.


  2. Sue says:

    i officially HATE PETA. I like their go naked ads– very creative–but they’re nuts. it seems like they value animals’ lives over the quality of human life. i’m so tired of them. i want to run over squirrels just to spite them.

  3. pr0go says:

    I’d be mad if anyone threw paint on my WHITE fur coat like they do at Fashion week!

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