usa v. mexico: what's beef?



Biggie said, “Beef is when you roll no less than thirty deep..”  Well these teams only roll 11 deep a side but, believe me, there’s plenty of beef to be had.  Coming off the recent glory of a Confederation’s Cup dream run to the finals, the United States Men’s National Soccer Team was set to take on Mexico in a World Cup Qualifier in Mexico City yesterday.  Unfortunately for the U.S. they had never won a game in the Azteca, but it was about time for a change, right?

Wrong.  The U.S. put up a good fight but lost 2-1.  In the end, the high altitudes, heavy smog, and sheer skill of the Mexican team was too much to overcome.  This loss stings especially because of the intense soccer rivalry that has always existed between these two nations.  Mexican fans have even been known to make Voodoo dolls of U.S. star players and then poke them with needles before the games…but hey, you have to be doing something right for haters to be making Voodoo dolls in your likeness.


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  1. pr0go says:

    Another AP sighting. I can’t believe it. God is good. Anyhoo..the voodoo doll thing is crazy. Actually, there have been some people I’ve been having problems with. I need to get on this voodoo ish. Good game though!

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