Congratulations Michael Vick!

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Michael Vick has finally signed with an NFL team after all of the weeks of speculation his final destination is the Philadelphia Eagles via a 2-year deal. As a supporter of Vick I’m happy for him and hope that he can get his life set and pay off all the debt he owes. As a Giants fan this is my worst nightmare…McNabb, Westbrook, Vick, and DeSean Jackson give that team a good set of weapons that very few if any NFL teams will be able to defend.

Now that Vick has signed with a team he’s cleared a hurdle (no pun intended) on the road to his return. The next phase, particularly his 6-week suspension from playing any NFL football is contingent upon Vick meeting certain standards set by Commissioner Goodell. After that NFL defenses beware because your worst nightmare.


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  1. D. Hud says:

    I’m glad he finally is getting the opportunity to get back on the right track. Of course PETA doesn’t feel the same way:

    They needa just go and sit down somewhere…

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