Vogue Evolution and the Uva black gay community

Vogue Evolutions

Vogue Evolution

Don’t cut me, but I can’t stand this show: America’s Best Dance Crew. Usually I can watch anything (vh1) but not this. I missed all the past seasons, and never really got excited about Jaberwokee(?). Randy Jackson just doesn’t do it for me. Perhaps it’s because I was home… it was a Sunday, and I had already seen that episode of Law and Order: CI, but I ended up on MTV when ABDC came on.

I’d seen clips about Vogue Revolution making their rounds through the blogs, but seeing them in action, was quite an event. Coupled with some homophobes sitting in the room with me, their performance caused quite an uproar.

Vogue Evolution is a dance crew from NYC made up of four homosexual men and one transgender. Together they wanted to bring the “Vogue” house/ballroom scene to the mainstream. Beyonce, in “Single Ladies”, had parts of it in her video. It was cool to watch. I’m always for gay pride breaking boundaries. Either way, I still hate the show. Can’t stand Mario Lopez and Lil Mama always keeps me entertained. Your thoughts?

As usual, I like to refer what I have seen to UVa. I wanna bring up the question of the Black Gay Population. Years and years ago, during my first year, I wrote an article on the UVa Black Gay Community and how homophobic the black community here was. I talked to many Black LGBTQ members, who told me their experiences here, and it was quite disturbing. Well, its been 2.5 years since, and I wonder how everyone feels about the black gay community at UVa today. It is obviously very undercover, but I do know that it’s so small that they all tend to know each other. In my opinion, black men are the ones who tend to be the most homophobic.

Well, you can be anonymous in the comments section, so let me know what you think: What’s the status of the black gay community? correction: How do people now feel about the black LGBTQ community at the University?

source: mtv.com

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2 Responses to Vogue Evolution and the Uva black gay community

  1. Anon says:

    As a black man at UVA I can’t say that I’d have a problem with someone because of their sexual orientation and I do try to be open. But, there is a line to be respected and this is not calling anyone out but the personal affairs, meaning anyone’s activities with a significant other are your business and I feel that way for heterosexual couples too.

    Off topic: Can’t watch those reality tv shows with the token “gay cast member” and the graphic description or visual display of their exploits. I can’t handle that but, I think of that as the media trying to make the interaction of LGBT seem more commonplace.

  2. BTHOM says:

    people are people. i only look down on those who willfully look down on others. i feel the very nature of this discussion is disturbing: “how do people feel about them”? them? dang. perhaps a relavant question to gauge the magnitude of homophobia out there.

    ps. as an ex b-boy, i appreciate that show.

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