Ode*: I put on for UVa

I put on for UVA

I put on for UVA

So last week, I bumped into the advisee of one of my friends. We stopped for a chat, and the subject fell upon the fact that I was about to become a fourth year (Cue mandatory fourth year victory dance). The girl in question is now a rising second year, and she was really ecstatic about the prospect of soon leaving UVa. Seeing that she still had three whole years left, her comments took me by surprise. Bear with me as I explain.

I’ve noticed a trend: people cannot wait to leave UVa.

First years don’t really understand this feeling yet. I believe it creeps in, unconsciously, midway through your second year and blossoms during your third. I know that not everyone feels this way, but I feel it’s safe to say that the majority are just done with this place.

I hang out with some pessimistic folks, but in general most people get overly excited to get out of UVa. I can’t lie; this place can throw some of the toughest hardballs your way. UVa questions who you are as a person. By the time you pick up that diploma, you don’t expect to be the same person who moved into first year dorms. Yet, to get the diploma, UVa, and college in general, demands to test all areas of your life.

Personally, for a long time, I couldn’t stand UVa. As I watched friends from years ahead leave me behind as they graduated, I could not wait to finally be done with it. I don’t know how many of you are like me, but I believe that there are fewer who are like my friend “Die”.

“Die” is an international student and she can’t get enough of UVa. She hates the end of semesters, and can’t wait for the day she gets to return to the ‘Ville. To paraphrase many conversations we’ve had, this is her philosophy:

“I love it here. I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. It’s so much more fun and exciting. There’s nowhere else that I would rather be. If I could stay longer, I would”.

What she feels and believes was so foreign to me at one point. The black population tends to find fault with most things in this school, or should I say with each other: how it’s essentially racist, how we never support each other, how we always hate and gossip about what this other person is doing etc. I am a hater at heart, but I guess hearing the advisee speak in the same manner that I once did (Get me out of here!) made me feel weird.

It could be fourth year sentimentalism, who knows? At the end of the day, UVa is an amazing university. What I mean to say is that the UVa black student experience is like no other. AND black students at UVa are of a completely fabulous breed. Nowhere else in VA will you find a breed of such sexy and smart specimens of dark skin.

So, for the next few days, I (with some help from others) will give a four part “ode” series dedicated to black students and their life at UVA. From black men to the BB, it’ll all be covered. I put on for UVA. Look out for it.

*Ode: A kind of poem devoted to the praise of a person, animal, or thing. An ode is usually written in an elevated style and often expresses deep feeling. (Note: They won’t be in poem format)

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5 Responses to Ode*: I put on for UVa

  1. D. Hud says:

    I agree. Whenever anybody asks me how it feels to only have one more year left, I always say that it feels terrible and that I wish I had four more left.

    UVa definitely isn’t a perfect school… but then again, no school is. When comparing it to many other schools, though, UVa stands out in so many areas, I can’t even begin to count. There’s so much here to take advantage of, which often gets overlooked as we’re spending time hating on the social problems that UVa has.

    It’s also funny to me, though, that often times the people that do the most complaining and whining never take any serious action about fixing anything. But that’s another story…

    “I put on for my [college], on on for my [college]…”

  2. Rev.R says:

    I can’t stand it because there’s nothing to really do when you want to have fun…I mean the house parties and all that stuff get a bit boring…although I was feelin that one Trivia Night I went to at Mellow Mushroom!

  3. Joshua Adams says:

    I like here. I mean, freshman year was hard as hell. New skool, no one from Chicago here, no one to relate to, my grades were ass, and the parties were a little but more ass. but met alotta cool peeople here. I definitely dont think its the best place to live, but i like it here. Only thing i would change is the separation in the black community. it seem like ehbody sayin “Dont trust them new niggas over there”. its too many cliques, and its not a family, which is very sad 2 say

  4. BTHOM says:

    ha, well this series should get interesting. well, in case yall aint know, my name is Bryan Thomas and you’ll be hard pressed trying to find a brotha who loves UVa more than me. ever since i got here in 06, i wanted to be NO WHERE else. really, UVa and charlottesville are naturally beautiful places and there are a ton of people who wish they were where we are. remember that and be thankful. UVa has endless things to do; sure, its no big city campus but if you know where to look, you’ll usually find something of interest. back to the matter at hand, my experience here has been fantastic in general (ups and downs but what is life w/o them?) but i too am looking forward to life afterwards. i felt that way at the end of HS, i feel it now, i’ll feel it at my 1st job.. the list continues. we all want a change of pace every now and then, the lure of the next phase of life draws us in to this train of thought.

    as far as the black student tip, thats a whole other convo, but i’ll be around for that installment too. but to briefly address it– not everybody will like everybody. ever. anywhere. my advice: do you. you shouldn’t let other people determine what YOUR college experience will be like. you wanna hang at OAAA? do it. you don’t? don’t. its your life. I doubt its clique-less/a ‘family’ at HBCUs. so don’t trip, enjoy yourself and get an education. done.

  5. Sue says:

    i loved it once i left it. there’s some quote that perfectly encapsulates the way i feel about uva (and having left uva)– it’s something along the lines of “the further away you get from the past the better it seems” or something like that. you don’t realize how great uva is or how much it has to offer or how much it shapes you as a person until you look back and can see the experience in its totality.

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