…Aww man, is that the devil looking at me?!


That is just one of the most memorable and hilarious lines from the first episode of Real Chance of Love 2, a reality tv/dating show hosted on VH1 by brothers Ahmad (Real) Givens & Kamal (Chance) Givens (aka the Stallionaires). You may also know these dudes from the first season of I Love New York…when they and a host of other dudes competed for the love and affection of  Tiffany (New York) Pollard, a hideous beast.

I’m under the impression that these dudes had a plan when they saw New York get her own spin-off from the Flavor of Love and got themselves in the market for their own.

VH1 realizes they’ve struck gold with this reality tv/dating competition genre because they’ve got a wide selection of dating competition shows. Among my favorites are definitely Real Chance of Love and For the Love of Ray-J…but some of the other shows I watch because its hilarious to see women competing for Flavor-Flav an ugly toad and of course the aforementioned hideous beast (New York).

Anyways the show comes on @ 9pm on Mondays, and it’s hilarious…in the first episode some of the girls managed to get into a fight, the audience sees a crazy set of personalities in one house, and to top it off Real & Chance make for some hilarious hosts…so watch the show because I’ll definitely have more to say about the coming episodes!


The Stallionaires

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  1. pr0go says:

    Others will probably fight me. But I think vh1 is great!

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