Soulja Boy is successful.

We all know that.

So I guess it’s no surprise that he did his own remix to Drake’s “Successful.” But, as much as I usually can’t stand his music, I’m actually impressed with this track.

Here’s an excerpt from his second verse on the song:

Hip-hop is like school, yeah I had to learn it
Beef is like a blank disc, yeah I had to burn it
They finally showin’ me respect, but I had to earn it
I’m headed to the finish line, ain’t got no time for U-turns
Today, I realized that I am not perfect
Everything I did to get here wasn’t really worth it
Why won’t they just let me be great?
You fall down seven times, you stand up eight…

I’m not gonna give a lot of my opinions on the song, though, so I’ll just let you guys listen to it. Here it is, in its entirety…


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