Head, Shoulders…Did this make it stateside?

Ladies, Let me see you get down low!

I’m not sure if this ever made it to the US at all, but it was mad popular in the UK. This type of music is called Funky House aka UK Funky which is really big in the UK esp. among the University kids. I don’t know how to explain it… an afro-beat with some soca and maybe dancehall? Maybe someone can come up with a better description.

As you can tell by the date, this song came out  a while back, but my question was whether it ever made it stateside? If you’ve heard before and it’s old news, forgive me, but this is pretty new for me. It’s fun to dance to…my friends and I were def. getting it. I can see people getting excited about it at parties, and throwing in new moves to it. It’s way better  than lil boosie’s lame shoulders, chest, pants, shoes from way back when.

The people behind the song are called K.I.G from London, and the song is called “Head, Shoulders, Kneez and Toez”. The video itself was just randomly filmed in the streets of London, and it turned out pretty cool. There’s an official video too… not as fun though. There are few remixes out there too, but the original is def. the best. Check out the myspace page. More on K.I.G here

More on UK Funky soon…

Bubbly… Bubbly.
source: rwdmag

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