Trying to Get a Job in C-Ville? Think Again

No surprise: It's harder finding a job right now

So I’ve been fortunate to have spent my whole summer at C-Ville, which has had its up and downs. But from it, I feel like I can at least tell you about how the student job market is looking at this time.

If you are looking to quit your current job in hopes of finding a new one in the Fall—forget about it! Stay where you are or you’ll have no cash coming your way. A lot of the more popular places, such as the libraries, have already filled up their positions. They do still have openings for the football water crew if your are interested.

I hit up some of the retail spots as well, and they too don’t seem to be hiring. If anything ever opens up though, the position is filled up in seconds, so you have to stay on top on things. With these type of jobs, you are competing with the whole of C-Ville. Hopefully things will pick up once the C-Ville native college students leave for school.

So if you are thinking of waiting until you arrive at the ‘Ville to start looking for jobs, change that up and start contacting potential employers ASAP. UVa looks like the best possible employer with the most opportunities at this point. A lot of their options are work-study related, but there are still a few good non work-study options open as well. A lot of them are also aimed towards grad students, which is unfortunate if you are an undergrad.

Keep checking CavLink. If you have any inside information, let us know. I know I am looking.


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  1. pr0go says:

    TJs locker is hiring… AND Arch’s (better get on it D)

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