For the Internationals: Vieira returns to Arsenal?

vieira, bent, alonso, messi

vieira, bent, alonso, messi

For those of you who are not football/soccer fans, it’s okay, we have a variety of posts for you to pick through. Now most of you internationals are proably still abroad, and are more up to date on the summer transfers than I am. But if you are like me, and are still in the US (or our little bubble of C-Ville), here are some updates:

I wouldn't mind a '09-'10 season jersey of this

I wouldn't mind a '09-'10 season jersey of this

Spotlight: I’m not going to lie, but having Patrick Vieira back at Arsenal would just be unbelievable. Of course, he’ll return to new, unfamiliar grounds, but who cares. It’s Vieira y’all, and the idea of bringing him back to the former glory days just brings back memories of Supersport games (for the African fans). Henry must be jealous.

Patrick is a great player. I have not considered it yet to bring him back, but it is a possibility I have to think about.

Wenger, as usual, is being quiet about his intentions. With Adebayor and Toure gone, and a lack of other major incoming transfers made thus far, I think it makes huge sense (for both play and marketability) for Wenger to bring the former captain back to the Gunners. The Daily Telegraph had an interesting article about it the other day.

Outside that, the summer transfers have been pretty hot. Here’s the latest news on it:

  • Alonso still undecided between Liverpool and Real.
  • Joe Cole staying at Chelsea
  • Darren Bents gone to Sunderland for 12 million pounds
  • Messi stays at Barca

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2 Responses to For the Internationals: Vieira returns to Arsenal?

  1. gunnerforlife says:

    Finally something at UVA that I can relate to. Don’t forget us internationals. Its daytime in Africa right now, and America is asleep.

  2. says:

    This is bull. He’s too old!! Arsenal are known for their young legs so this goes against their philosophy as a club. He’s going to be a disappointment. How can you compete against a fitter, stronger, younger self? It’s the road to perdition.

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