Dubsteppin': The New Guru "JakWob"



So I happen to be a dubstep freak! For those of you who don’t know what dubstep is (though you’ve probably already heard it before) Dubstep is a type of dance music heavily influenced by hip-hop beats, bass and UK garage music. I love the bass of the music, and the mixing of styles is just crazy! It’s AMAZING for house parties. I’m not going to lie: if I hear that there is a dubstep houseparty at c-ville, I’d give you some free advertising. It’s young, it’s fresh, it’s different.

Anyway, since its roots are mostly within the london club scene, a good friend in London, knowing my obsession, sends me some new stuff. I just got a fresh batch of music and was so excited I had to share.

Let me introduce you to James Jacob, better known as JakWob. He hails from Lincoln, but currently based between Leicester and London. Now, when it comes to Dubstep, this guy right here is killing all the competition right now. Read up on a him in this squeegie interview:

I think [dubstep]’s such a durable genre, in that it works well on the remix side of things with so many other genres. I think you will be seeing a lot more dubstep commercially and in loud house sets. I see it already growing out of its roots from being reggae influenced and moving on to a more melodic electronic vibe and potentially used as a first foundation for artist’s remixes.

You can check him out on his myspace page, but here’s a sample of what I am talking about:

M.I.A- \”Pull up the Poor\” (JakWob remix) -sounds like it could be out of Baltimore

Michael Jackson- \”Beat It (JakWob remix)\” – it gets good at the drop (:40)…wait it out

‘iRead up more on dubstep here

If you want more, just hit me up and I can send you some stuff. Happy to share

photo: squeegie

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  1. BTHOM says:

    WOW, can’t believe i overlooked this post. As a small time house party/radio DJ in c-ville, its so refreshing to see people up on the latest in music trends. I’m not HUGE on dubstep (yet, anyway) but i’d def play it at a house party or on the radio. I’d say i’m more on the club electro scene and i def love me some b-more. Either way, props on this post and the tracks. If you ever hear about DJ Sanitize playing at a party, you should come through and i’ll try to work in some dubstep.

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