"Death of Auto-Coon"

"Death of Auto-Coon"

"Death of Auto-Coon"

I like Jay-Z’s “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune),” but this t-shirt is even more amazing. Just read it for yourself.

If you haven’t heard of dangerousNEGRO, check them out. Not only do they have great apparel, but they are very committed to empowering black people. As they say in their web site description:

A dangerousNegro is a Danger to America’s racial paradigm, a Danger to low expectations, a Danger to degenerate black mentalities, and is Dangerously contagious to the miseducated individual. Are you a dangerousNegro or soon to be endangered Negro?

Well… what are you?


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8 Responses to "Death of Auto-Coon"

  1. DJ SNTZ says:

    I appreciate the goal of ‘dangerous negro’ but certainly not their t-shirt graphics. To be frank, I find offensive. Very much so. Its too much, in fact, ironically putting down the ‘negros’ it is supposedly(?) trying to affect change upon. The use of the word ‘coon’ and the sambo lips is ridiculous. I do not support, as there are countless better ways to get across the same message.

  2. Corey says:

    Death of Auto-Coon video

  3. Panama Pete says:

    Yo type in Death of Auto-Coon on Youtube…. the video is bananas!

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