"They shoulda never gave you n****s money…"

That phrase is quoted way too much. But after seeing this new black remote-control-Lamborghini chain that Soulja Boy just bought, I had to say that one more time. Just look at this video… the ignorance just speaks for itself (as it always does with Soulja Boy).


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2 Responses to "They shoulda never gave you n****s money…"

  1. pr0go says:

    womp womp…i concur

  2. Joshua Adams says:

    look at this jungle bunny. But hey, if thats how you wanna spend ya money, cant say shit bout it. But he tweaked hard on this. Soulja embodies everything I love and hate about hip hop. He makes some commercial ass shit, thats why his good songs get sleep on hard. like Pronto or I Pray, stuff like that

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