Yes we can hot sauce

Dave's Gourmet President Obama Hot Sauce

Dave's Gourmet President Obama Hot Sauce

So my roomate came home this weekend with this new hot sauce.  She was mad excited about it. I’m not sure how I feel about this one right here. As in it tastes fine… a little tangy I must admit… but not bad. It’s interesting how Obama would be used as an advertising technique and I was about to be like, “is this marketed toward black people because…etc etc!”

BUT…apparently, there is a John McCain hot sauce too according to the label. (Note: These photos were taken on my cell phone so I apologize).

yeswecan2 Here is what it says:

Yes We Can…

Determine if Hot Sauce sales can predict the outcome of an election! At the end of the election, Barack Obama’s sauce beat John McCain’s 55% to 40% in sales. The almighty hot sauce has spoken!

Upon checking out the website, I found out that they had a line of limited edition presidential candidate hot sauces. Each time you bought one, it was a vote. From Guiliani to Clinton..they are all there!

I wonder if they all taste different. Guiliani’s would have some bite to it, while Edwards’ sauce… how does adultery taste?

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