Bow Wow on blast…I'm Going In

Nothing that Bow Wow does surprises me anymore because whatever he does is usually terrible to the point of laughter; the only recent work of his I can tolerate was his role on a few “Entourage” episodes as TV actor that Eric Murphy represents.

However, it is fact that Bow Wow is a constant candidate on the whack rappers list; he has no flow of his own, rhymes are usually average to weak, and is a steady transgressor as a copycat of other rappers (a swagger jacker if you will). All the above brings me to the point of this post…Bow Wow’s has made an attempt at imitating Drake’s flow and rhyme style. Watch the video below and prepare yourself for some laughs and astonishment of how whack this dude is (ladies I see it coming, I don’t care if this elf-sized rapper is cute).

More to Bow Wow’s discredit…this guy was beefing with Soulja Boy earlier this year! What rapper besides Bow Wow would try and battle Soulja Boy?! Is there any contest behind that and is there anything to be gained from battling a rapper with no flow or lyrical talent. Yet, when the smoke cleared on this clash of the lightweights, Bow Wow won because all Soulja Boy could do on a diss track was “dance” around his opponent with petty taunts. If you are interested for whatever odd reason in hearing the words that were exchanged, you can find Bow Wow’s track here and Soulja Boy’s track here.

WARNING, the following diss tracks have no substance what-so-ever. Suffering a loss of brain cells, speaking ability, and motor skills are common side-effects.

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