keri hilson > halle berry?!

Well, according to Chingy:

She bad, she nice, the girl turn me on… Halle Berry, she aight, but check out who on this song… Mz. Keri, Mz. Keri… Mz. Keri, Mz. Keri…

Really, though? Is Keri Hilson the new Halle Berry? I don’t think so, but maybe that’s just me…

(Note: I did have to think twice about putting this post in the category of “Music,” given how ridiculous this track is. But that’s besides the point.)


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5 Responses to keri hilson > halle berry?!

  1. Rev.R says:

    Chingy needs to just stop…definition of whack rappers. The little kids love him but his rhymes are so weak. Has he even sold since “Right Thurr”?!

  2. DJ SNTZ says:

    NEVER. keri is serious but alica keys can take her. have you seen the ‘my boo’ video? well then, there you go.

    i miss chingy though (holiday inn was my joint!). he might be wack, but wack rappers are doing work right now (hurricane himself! not to mention soldier boy, flo rida, et al). so get some good production on a club banger chingaling and get back the scene.

  3. Rev.R says:

    I have a problem with whack rappers like Chingy because unless they get the top-flight club banger beats the track is trash because the weak rhymes stand out. Club banger tracks live and die by how good the beat is…and I feel as though I’ve heard this sort of beat so many times that my first reaction is to shut it off. Let’s also not forget the requirement of the hottest feature artist out on any club banger; think Wayne, T-Pain, Akon, and Rick Ross because guys like that will carry a track for whack rappers like Chingy and Flo Rida.

    Soulja Boy…it hurts me to say it but he actually doesn’t qualify for the whack rapper tag. He has carried all of his singles to the top on his own and has produced his beats on his own. Others have jumped onto his songs only after they made a strong campaign.

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