Do Not Pick Up This Trend: the half shaved head


It’s called the trickle down effect: we see some unusual trend start off on the high fashion level; one celebrity will pick it up, then another, then another… then it’s everywhere. Finally, it hits the forever21 level of consumerism. With this idea in mind, let us now discuss the new semi-shaved head phenomena.

I bet you that some UVa female is going to turn up in the fall with a buzz cut á la Cassie, Lala Vasquez, and Rihanna’s recent touch-up. I think Cassie’s cut was a surprise, Lala made it ready-to-wear, whereas Rihanna’s move gave it a stamp of approval that made us think it is okay to sport the look.

kate lanphear

So what is it about taking it half off? Cassie, apparently, is seen as the “trendsetter” behind the style. Although I should add that Kate Lanphear, Fashion Director of Elle magazine, was the first to try this style much earlier in the year. Furthermore, and it is relevant, Lanphear is white, and growing her hair out is a completely different thing compared to Lala. If we think even further back, Britney Spears was the first to go for this cut. Though she has now made random bald shaving synonymous with crazy meltdown.

I did shave my (whole) head about a year and a half ago, specifically to raise money for St. Baldrick’s. I was never one with flowing locks, so the loss did not reverberate through my whole body.


What I do remember was another black female asking whether the event planners provided a therapist backstage for black females going for the shave. (note: I was the only black female shavee that year). Point: This is not just another cheap trend you can pick up at forever21, wear for a few months and throw away when the next trend rolls around. This is your hair, and if it is your pride and glory, might as well hold onto it as the trend passes. I am all for the natural look. I’ve worn it, and on the right face, it can look elegant and regal. But if you love to follow trends, don’t worry, this one will pass.

Additionally, for some reason, men don’t like the idea. I spoke to eight UVa gentlemen recently. They all seemed to agree that it is “cool” in that it is different. But when it comes to physical attraction, they wouldn’t want their girl walking around like that. They prefer her to look more “feminine”.

One of them put it like this: “If you want to shave it off, shave it all off. Stop confusing us with the half-head look. I don’t want to be deceived by thinking you look hot from one angle then I’m scared off when you turn the other way. Plus, I don’t want to wake up to the wrong side of your head.” (thanks L for that insight—rolls eyes)

rihanna shaved hair

So if those Wal-Mart back to school ads get you all excited for college (first years), and you want to debut a new “fierce” and avant garde appearance at school, please think twice. Then if it still sounds good, go reread this paragraph. Do not let this trend trickle down any further.

This is your hair. So don’t be shy ladies. Make an appointment for that weave to be put in because the semester is about to start. And why change up what already seems to work for you? It’s not like people don’t already know it’s a weave, right?

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5 Responses to Do Not Pick Up This Trend: the half shaved head

  1. iluvmyhurr says:

    I’m mad about the whole male response section of this article. Why should it matter what men think? If I want to shave my head, FUCK THEM! I’ll show up in the fall with the cut, AND MY MAN IS GOING TO LIKE IT! lol

    • Rev.R says:

      Well damn…your man must love you. I respect, that you don’t care what a man or your boyfriend thinks about what you do to your body or hair. But haircuts don’t always work out…like Solange Knowles, she straight fcked up her head now she’s out all raggedy and what not.

    • pr0go says:

      Are you thinking about it or have you already done the cut? Something tells me you already have

  2. NOT says:

    Bow-weezy had twittered about this utter foolishness. I wouldn’t want to see my girl looking like that. No thank you. LOL@ waking up to the wrong side of her head comment. Thats wassup

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