Much respect to Allen Iverson

One guy who doesn’t get enough credit for trying and working really hard to be a great person and community icon is 10-time NBA All-Star, Allen Iverson. This man gets run down and discredited by the media so much for his past…but through it all Iverson has never faltered and he is a strong guy physically and mentally. The video above is of Iverson speaking to a gym of young African-American men for “The Allen Iverson Iverson Student-Athlete Scholarship;” Iverson gets very emotional and shows a side of himself that we wouldn’t see on the NBA courts or in an ESPN highlight reel. Just remember athletes & celebrities are human…Jackson,Vick, Burress, Barkley, Ortiz, Ramirez whoever it might be these guys human and the pressure they endure from the media and the fans on a daily basis is enormous…so don’t judge them like you are perfect.

For more information about “The Allen Iverson Student-Athlete Scholarship” go to Look under the “Foundation Information” header on the page.

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