let the man go back to work.

Michael Vick (photo courtesy of Associated Press)

Michael Vick (photo courtesy of Associated Press)

If you don’t already know, Michael Vick, who was an amazing quarterback when he previously played for the Atlanta Falcons, was jailed in 2007 because of his involvement in dogfighting. And now he’s out, and wants to play in the NFL again.

I can understand teams being skeptical of signing him after he hasn’t played in the league for two years. Whether they play him or not, however, should be completely their choice.

I agree with Jim Caple (the writer of this article) that he shouldn’t have to jump through any extra hoops to be fully reinstated to the league. Like Caple said:

Given how hard Roger Goodell has cracked down on other players for other crimes, it’s surprising he did not give a longer suspension to Vick. He made the right call, though, by allowing him to sign and practice with a team now. Preventing him from playing until the sixth week of the season is essentially moot given that no team would expect him to play before then after missing two full seasons…But really, no person’s review or approval should be necessary, other than whether a team thinks it is in its best interest to put him in uniform.

Well said, Jim.

Regardless of how anyone feels about Vick’s decisions, the fact of the matter is that he paid his debt to society. He did the crime, he did the time. Simple as that. But there’s no need for an extra suspension from the league. It’s not like he took performance-enhancing drugs that influenced his playing the sport itself. This was an issue off the field, that he paid for off the field.

So now just let him back on the field. The man went through his punishment, and he just wants to go back to work. Is that really too much to ask for?


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