Can't Knock the Hustle…of Ryan Leslie?!

If I ever catch R.Les with a bad haircut....

If I ever catch R.Les with a bad haircut....

So I was reading the NYDN this week and I saw a post about Ryan Leslie and this “illegal business” BARBERSHOP he used to run back in college. The catch was he ran the shop which he dubbed “Shady Eights” out of his Harvard dorm room; “Shady because I wasn’t supposed to, and Eights because it was $8 [per cut].”

When I read this my first thought was…so what? Dudes gotta get that fresh line-up, fade, caesar, fro-hawk (not for me though), etc…and at $8 a cut that’s a good deal! My next thought was, has anyone ever actually gotten in trouble for cutting hair out of their dorm and charging $8? And if they did what punk snitched on the barbershop?!

All I know is that I’d be first in line protesting some changes to policy if all campus dorm barbers got shut down…because as good as the dudes at Cav Barbers on Cherry Ave. can clean-up a nappy-fied mess on my head it does cost $15, and as a college student that’s money I can’t put down every two weeks. At least not when textbooks are $500, gas for my car is $35, dues for organizations are $5-10…man something’s got to give so UVA please let my student barbers be!

P.S. If you’ve got the money a trip to Cav Barbers on Cherry Ave. in Charlottesville is definitely worth it!

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5 Responses to Can't Knock the Hustle…of Ryan Leslie?!

  1. D. Hudson says:

    Man… my hair was nappy-fied and I had to cough up $15 to Cav Barbers today while I was up in Charlottesville… sad, sad, sad…

  2. pr0go says:

    So what guys at UVa are actually good barbers? Are there. D, u were up in the ville and you couldn’t even holla?

  3. Rev.R says:

    The guys I used to go to have graduated now. Brandon Whittington was my barber 2nd & 3rd years…1st year I had David Duck cut my hair. But both of them were Class of ’09…so I need a new barber (needs to be well proven and well priced).

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