Vogue Paris: 65 inconic brand looks


CHANEL-- "le petit tailleur"

So one of my fave international mags, Vogue Paris, hit it out of the ball park with their August 2009 issue. In it, under three stylists: Joe McKenna, Emmanuelle Alt, Carine Roitfeld (the EIC), they came up with 65 looks each of which emobodies a different brand’s identity.

We all know Yves Saint Laurent’s “le smoking” tux, or a Chanel Bag. These are very specific iconic brand looks. I thought the creativity in this project was great, something that’s hard to find, at this level, in photoshoots nowadays. Also, as stylists, they have to really know these brands inside and out.

Some brands, like Celine, or Isabel Marant, I am less familiar with, but it’s great to see that just from one picture, we can get an idea of what a brand is about.

I’ve included some of the spot on embodiments. Its shows how a brand has a certain look, mood and feel, and how far an idea of what a brand is about can shape its identity. Some of these are really spot on. Like the McQueen anyone?

Check out all 65 brands here here here here and here


PRADA--"les libres références"



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