The OBAMAS came this close to me and I didn't get to pet them

obamas at the ville

obamas at the ville

So apparently today (Thursday), the Obamas (excluding our great President) were in the Charlottesville area. For once, something was happening over summer school, and I missed it. HOW COULD I MISS THIS? how? how? how?

According to NBC29, Michelle and the girls came down to Monticello for a few hours. That’s fine. Monticello is far enough, and I don’t have a car. So I could take that. Here’s the kicker:

The Obama’s ended their Charlottesville trip on the corner. They had a little dinner at The Virginian. The Obama’s sat in two booths at the Virginian restaurant while secret service agents took their posts all around the building.

Sidenote: the reporter who wrote this needs to work on removing that apostrophe in the word “Obama’s”

They were at OUR Corner! They came THIS close to me! Wow, Im so mad. Apparently, they also hit up Arch’s for some great local ice cream before the troop, armored SUVs and all, headed back home. Michelle was here for sometime last year. Maybe she liked what she saw.

Firstly, as a friend of mine mentioned, it’s great how mobile this family is. Whether its Paris, Accra or Monticello, they want to be able to see as much as possible.

If I was around, I’d have played it cool, but would I have recommended “The Virginian”? I’ve never eaten there so I am not sure. Is it worthy of an Obama palate, guys? What’s worse was that I was at the Corner that very day chilling at Bodo’s.

I am accepting that I missed them. That’s fine. But now, I am realizing why I am so distraught. What troubles me more is the fact that those Secret Service Agents came and went without my having even taken a glimpse of them. Does anyone remember when Hillary Clinton came to Sabato’s class? That was a high when it came to sighting good looking secret service men. The Obama visit in 2007, wasn’t bad either, but it didn’t hold a candle to Hillary’s agents. So whenever you see Secret Service around, even if you don’t care for whoever they are protecting, Ladies, you might want to check out some good eye candy

Lessons learned:

  1. They come like theives in the night, so always stay alert
  2. Try out “The Virginian”
  3. Bag a Secret Service Agent 🙂

source: nbc29

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