Mr. Chi City goes IN on Keri Hilson…

If you don’t know Mr. Chi City, then you need to get to know him. He’s one of the funniest and one of the realest people on YouTube right now.

In his latest episode, he calls out Ms. Keri Hilson, explaining how she was supposed to meet with him for an interview. Instead, she stood him up and left him with 10 of her CDs, which he has yet to be reimbursed for.

Find out the deal in the video below:



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2 Responses to Mr. Chi City goes IN on Keri Hilson…

  1. P says:

    this dude is HIGH-LARIOUS! Have you seen the one where he talks about what to keep in his fridge for the ladies? Definitely look him up.

  2. Rev.R says:

    Oh yea…we’re up on ALL this dude’s videos, jokes for days. He went in on BET though and he’s right getting on BET doesn’t mean anything…nor does winning a BET Award. Talk to me when you top some charts on Billboard or get put on a big time tour with the hottest artists in the game as the featured artist and not the opener.

    I like Keri Hilson’s music though for the record; agreed she isn’t on the level of Keyshia Cole, Jazmine Sullivan or Alicia Keys.

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