Make Her Say video- Kid Cudi Ft. Kanye & Common

Cudi. Kanye. Common. They are strong on the alliteration but its good to see a joining of the grown, middle, and youth of hiphop.

So they decided to release a video to this song. And honestly, after the Drake “Best I Ever Had” video debacle, I was worried about what Kanye might bring to the video. But the play on the split screen looks great. Common is looking  especially good. He’s like fine wine. Better with age.

It would’ve been interesting to put Gaga in the video since they sampled her song. She goes hard in terms of creativity with her own performances and videos. Coupled with the likes of these guys, they could’ve taken it to a whole other level. Besides the fact that Kanye will be touring with her in the Fall. Not a bad video though

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One Response to Make Her Say video- Kid Cudi Ft. Kanye & Common

  1. dkayeii says:

    is it wrong i’m in love with common from this video? i’ve played it multiple times from that last point.

    Kanye is killing good men. that’s all.

    much love.

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