TV Spotlight: Entourage

The Characters: Ari Gold, Vince Chase, Eric Murphy, Johnny "Drama" Chase, Turtle (L to R)

This summer just seems REALLY slow to me…so when I’m not at work and need something to pass the time and do minimal damage to my wallet I’ve turned to movies and now HBO’s Entourage. Entourage is a relatively old show that started back in July 2004 and back when it came out I was the odd man but I do remember hearing about it across the lunch table (it was high school at the time)…but I didn’t have HBO and I really didn’t care much for it.

But now I see that Entourage is the show to watch, particularly if you’re a guy between ages 18-30, maybe even 40! But more about the show, it focuses on the life of Vincent Chase a young top flight, pretty boy actor from Queens NYC living the life in Hollywood with his three friends Eric “E” Murphy, Turtle (yes Turtle…just Turtle), and Johnny “Drama” Chase; oh and the last man of the group is Vince’s agent, Ari Gold. At a fundamental level Entourage is about a crew of guys having fun and living together…the kicker is that Vincent is a rich Hollywood actor whose career supplies the whole crew with a check, a roof, booze, women, trips, etc.

From episode to episode the audience watches Vince and crew live their crazy Hollywood lives (cue the Jay-Z song) that isn’t for the weak or faint-of-heart. These boys show you gotta have some bass in your voice and stand your ground…all so that they can get the next big check to pay for the mansion, cars, and trips that Vince can’t really afford. The group dynamic is pretty funny; Vince is the laid-back actor who is only concern is starring in a role that he finds desirable, will get him paid,  and will get him laid…the rest of the time he is all about the good life (cue the Kanye song). Eric Murphy (more commonly referred to as E) is Vince’s best friend and manager; as a manager “E” doesn’t have much status among the Hollywood elite but he defends his boy to the end. “E” is also a hopeless romantic, unlike the other boys who are all for the one-night stand E would rather find “The One” but seems to find heartbreak a lot more. Johnny “Drama” and Turtle are the real clowns of the group, all about “party & b.s.” but definitely not on the bright side; Drama is Vince’s older brother and also an actor…an older actor who is past his prime. And last but not least there is Ari Gold, the ass-hole Hollywood Agent that gets the deals that get the money…Ari is constantly yelling at someone in his office or over the phone and its hilarious because he always manages to demean the person he yells at and still get what he wants…except when he deals with Vince and the boys.

Personally, I don’t know how many of the women out there would like this show (aside from watching Vince be a pretty boy) but this is a hit for the fellas. I like imagining what my life would be like if I was a big-time Hollywood actor but I’m just focusing on more of the good times at the parties, invites to the playboy mansion, picking a movie based on which actress is next on my list…haha its all good.

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