what's in a name?

Luke Skywalker... good name, right?

Luke Skywalker... good name, right?

So apparently, if you’re a guy with a weird name, then you’re more likely to screw up.

David Kalist, professor at Shippensburg University, conducted a study of about 15,000 baby names given to boys from 1987 to 1991. From this study, he concluded that the more unusual a boy’s name is, the more likely he is to be delinquent. The top 10 list of bad boy names? Alec, Ernest, Garland, Ivan, Kareem, Luke, Malcolm, Preston, Tyrell, and Walter (alphabetically; not necessarily in that order).

But what about Ernest Hemingway? Walter Payton? Luke Skywalker? (I know he’s not real, but he’s still a good guy!) Kalist says that there are obviously good guys who have these “bad boy” first names. But his study is supported by the idea found in a University of Michigan study, which states that “having an unusual first name leads to unfavorable reactions in others, which then leads to unfavorable evaluations of the self.”

I’m not really sure how I feel about this. But I am glad my name is David.

(To see more about this study, read the MSNBC.com article here.)


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