Ayo Playboy…Diddy is back!

As a music artist Diddy is not the most creative, most lyrical, or most talented performer (and he shouldn’t be on ANYONE’S top emcees list). However, Diddy the Mogul, knows how to promote and sell an artist, keep fans interested and loyal (with short-term artists that last 2 years) and most importantly he gives the people TV entertainment via the Making the Band series on MTV.

And now I am happy to announce that Diddy is coming back to TV with Making His Band and no this series does not feature the latest Diddy band fiasco, it features DIDDY HIMSELF trying to make his new album The Last Train to Paris. Now for those of you who have never watched the Making the Band series, the show gets intense showing the tensions and struggles of Bad Boy Records artists to stay on top of their game making hot tracks and staying on point with dance moves…and Diddy is always a hard-ass with his artists. But now the boss is on show and I want to see Diddy under pressure whatever he scripts for himself.

Season premiere is July 27th, 2009 @ 10pm!!!

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