Rebirth…of Auto-Tune?!


This right here is the cover for Lil Wayne’s upcoming album “Rebirth.” For anyone who forgot or doesn’t know, Wayne’s goal with this album was to make it a  rock album featuring a lot of him singing in auto-tune. When Wayne first released the track “Prom Queen” people hated the track and I’m not sure if that sentiment has changed…but since the song’s debut Wayne has put out more of the rock/auto-tune style tracks such as “Ready for the World” which is also to be featured on “Rebirth.” Now Wayne is one of the most popular artists out but, after Jay-Z put out “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” and specifically said “maybe I’ll do a track with the mixtape Weezy,” what can we expect on the record sales charts? Will Wayne post record numbers or has Jay knocked the trend? Personally, Prom Queen didn’t sit right with me so I might not buy this album unless I hear good things from friends.

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