Really Vibe?

vibe down in the dumps

You know they didn’t intend to be going out anytime soon if this is to be their last cover. Christina Milian and the Dream? As your last cover? Maybe its like what they used to say about Playboy… “it’ll be a good article”. Sure hope the MJ tribute issue comes out. Quincy, get your bailout swag on please.

Let’s not even look at the mechanics of this picture. It looks so …uncomfortable unnatural. Milian looks cute though.

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One Response to Really Vibe?

  1. RST says:

    This cover gets a fail at any sort of artistic expression and not because they are nude. But if Vibe is moving into the porn industry this could make a good cover…or even if The-Dream and Milian had a sex tape.

    And where has Christina Milian been for the past 5 years?! Never a good look to re-enter the industry in this sort of light.

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