Happy MJ Died

reliefMJ timed his death perfectly…

…at least according to Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina.

Remember Sanford? Perhaps not with Michael taking over all areas of media. Governor Mark Sanford is the South Carolinian governor/liar/swindler/adulterer that disappeared while “hiking” (is that what they now call it?) the Appalachian Mountains. He held that leave-nothing-to-the-imagination press conference the day before Michael decided to pull this coup on the world and take off prematurely.

It was a slow news week. He went missing. The media picked up on it. And what followed was an episode of “Passions”.

The story had so many great elements: Sanford had outsourced the archetypical politician’s (Republicans – Clinton +Edwards) mistressing duties to Argentina; a Latina mistress—hot, sexy sultry, forbidden; an angry, Wall Street turned soccer mum housewife (from money) who spent their marriage as his campaign manager; clandestine meetings; secret email correspondences; and a disappearance with a pathetic excuse (Appalachians—really?)

Olbermann and friends at MSNBC are eating this up, Hannity and co. at FOX are pretending Sanford is a democrat, and the tabloids would have taken it à la “Jon & Kate plus Eight” level if given the chance.

Then Michael died.

It’s like finding out that your quiz was moved back another day, when you forgot it was taking place today. Relief… even if you know you are going to fail anyway.

Michael not only single handedly “broke” the internet, but perhaps even salvaged, though not saved, some of Sanford’s political career— for now.

Maybe he wasn’t the only who was glad – Maria (her real name I promise) in Argentina must have been relieved too!

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