"Best I Ever Had"…or was it the worst?!

See the video here if you haven’t and then proceed to read

My man Drake dropped the music video, his very first at that for his single “Best I Ever Had.” Now if you thought people were calming down from the Minstrel Show…I mean the BET Awards ’09 (I still reserve opinion and or judgment as I haven’t seen it yet) “Heartbreak Drake” came with the second serving of disappointment for some hip hop fans because a lot of people seem to HATE this video.

Let’s take this from the top…the video was directed by Kanye West. I’m sorry you might have missed that…the video was directed by Kanye West; we all know this man has a very unique sense of style and taste to the point that you either hate it or love it. Now let me also reference the FIRST video Kanye release for “Flashing Lights” off of the Graduation album in 2007.

People HATED that video too but unlike most people who got upset because of the way the woman was portrayed…UMM HELLO, hip hop has been putting women out in thongs and bikinis for A WHILE now and people got mad because she had on lingerie in a mink coat?! Anyways I though Ye was artistically on point and took his song’s meaning in a different and vivid direction…yes I liked it.

Now lets move on to Drizzy and Ye’s collaboration on “Best I Ever Had.” In an article on MTV.com Drake was quoted for the following;

At first for this video, I was taking myself way too serious and trying to do some, like, epic sort-of-intimate video … that would have been cool, but the song is too fun for that….

Okay now FREEZE, what is this here? Could it be? Drake is showing some creativity and stepping out-of-the-box of the traditional sex song that J. Holiday and The-Dream (most recently) used in their baby-making music bangers “Bed” and “Falsetto.”Drake goes on to make an even better point about the more comical and entertaining nature of his video…

Some of us younger men, we refer to our affiliation with women like a roster,” Drake said, explaining the concept. “You have key women in your life when you’re single and doing your thing.

So now fans I’ll make my last presentation and point out that through Drake’s contract with Young Money, Aspire Music Group, and Universal he is somehow 100% independent…for more info see his interview with Complex magazine here.

I own everything, I have 100% creative control, I own all my masters, everything. I’m blessed to be in that situation. If we sell some records, I think we’ll just add to the historic pace that this has been going at.

– Drake

Its funny because a few weeks ago my jury was still out on Drake and now dude is definitely on my favorite new artists lists…definitely looking forward to his future projects.

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3 Responses to "Best I Ever Had"…or was it the worst?!

  1. dkayeii says:

    This is the worst video I have ever seen hands down. Not only was the shooting extremely amateur, but has Drake lost his acting ability after all those years of Jimmy? Also, the women made me sick. Booty shaking, boobies, fine whatever we always see that. I mean it was kinda gross how the camera zoomed in on the breast multiple times HOWEVER, the girls ain’t have to talk did they?! They sounded retarded! “OMG drake! all you’ve taught us was to stretch!” Inappropriate. What is this teaching the children who are obviously going to be drawn to the playfulness of the “basketball video”? Girls put on some booty shorts, if you look good you’ll be bad at sports, and o always ask things absentmindedly.

    I don’t complain without solutions. Yes Drake should have gone with his first instinct. Kanye has shown the world his insecurities with women multiple times so its no wonder he would create something to put them down again, but Drake is attractive! Get a LADY in the video. Ushers done it, MJ’s done it, even Jay-z’s done it! The song caters to “that ONE”, not THOSE breasts.

    peace and love. I’ma need for my love Drake to do a lil better!

  2. BTHOM says:

    ok. let’s get real here people. its a video. as mentioned before, girls, boobs and booty are in just about every video you will see– whether its lady gaga or drizzy. thus, i don’t understand why people are so mad… oh wait, i do. its because people/girls LOVE drake and want him to be admirable. thus when he has a, for the most part, NORMAL video, people are dissapointed. They wanted a video to directly correspond to the video’s lyrics. why? because the song is GOOD and a video for it is simple to imagine. But let’s not be selective in appreciating the lyrical content, remember: p***ys whistling, being all up in slots till he hits the jackpot, and gettin it from the back till bra straps pop. Wanna see that? Didn’t think so. Point is, a verbatim video and one irrelevant to the song can both be ‘inappropriate’. Could he have put out a better video? Easily. Should he be berated for this one? Barely.

    And another thing, these women are just as much to blame. So tired of, ‘____ puts women down’… these women put themselves down, aint nobody forcing them to parade around like that. But indeed, calling for such scantily clad models can be in poor taste at times.

    good look mentioning flashing lights. hated those videos but loved that song– thus i focus on the latter. music is art, let the artist create. Judgement of that art is certainly welcome but let’s keep it in perspective.

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