A Time Before Crack

timebeforecrackAs we don our ray ban shades, high tops, and leggings, we sometimes forget to pay homage to the real deal and front like we are fashion gurus of the 80s style. I’m just saying, today at the museum we got this book in that I just copped—way over my budget but too worth it. A Time Before Crack by the photographic king Jamel Shabazz. Although I’m not a great fan of street photography, his epic yet casual photographs of black people throughout Brooklyn before the outbreak of the 80’s crack empire gave me chills. Shabazz says he wanted to capture the time before crack turned “men into freaks and women into whores”. These unnamed faces in photos that were taken between ’75 and ’84 look like they could be my mom, cousin, fly uncle, that random dude down the street help to create a modern definition of black strength, style, and trends. S.w.i.t.c.h. back to understand our preceding generation, that bboy style, the height of the late 20th century.

Update: Shabazz photos now at the Helenbeck Gallery in Chelsea for a limited time only-til June 27th. I’m thur.

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  1. pr0go says:

    the girl looks like Eva Pigford

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